Farty, bloated, brain fog, exhausted, the runs, stomach pains, joint inflammation... 

Are any of these you? 

If that's a "Oh heck yeah, it sure is", then read on, this is for you!

Do you know you need to go gluten-free but you're feeling confused, frustrated & overwhelmed? 

You just don't know where to start, or you can't stay consistent or you can't make it work for your family? Or you're already on your journey but you just want more support and inspiration? (Bootcampers, this is for you!). Trust me, I've been where you are... 

About 10 years ago I went gluten-free

After having my third child, I started experiencing stomach pains from certain foods and after doing a lot of tests, it was pinpointed to gluten. I was tested for Coeliac's disease which came back negative, but I still know hands down that I'm gluten intolerant. So I've spent the past 10 years exploring and experimenting in the gluten-free world and I can confidently say I've mastered it! 

I know how restricting and frustrating it can be, doing all the research and reading labels, so that's why I want to make your life easier. I've put together this Beginners Course to Eating Gluten-Free and know, had it been around back in my day, I would have saved a lot of money, and failures! 😉. 


If you' need to go gluten-free, instead of just dabbling and being inconsistent, I'd love to teach you how to successfully navigate the gluten-free world and build your confidence using my step-by-step, easy to follow instructions. 

This is my promise to you..

My promise to you is that within 21 days, you'll go from being confused, frustrated and overwhelmed to having clarity, confidence and the knowledge of how to successfully cook and eat gluten-free with ease, for yourself and your family. 

What do you need?

You need to know exactly where to start, for someone to show you the do's and the don'ts, what ingredients you can eat and what you can't, with actual visuals so you know exactly what you're looking for to save you time and money, with shopping guides and pantry essentials lists. 

You need tried and tested gluten-free recipes, covering everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and sweet treats and of course homemade bread! Recipes that you know will work, that your whole family will enjoy and how to navigate it so that you're not having to cook 2-3 meals at night to keep your sanity, but satisfy everyones different needs!

You're also wanting more economical solutions because let's face it, gluten-free can be expensive and when you put healthy in the mix it can be even worse but I'll help you find cost effective solutions to bring this into your home. 

Lastly, you need easy access to the content at the touch of a button via an app so you can absorb the content where ever you are – waiting for after-school activities, while you're on the train or bus to work, or even while you're getting your hair done! 

I'll make this process super simple, taking it in bite sized chunks so you don't get even more overwhelmed. How does that sound?

Everything You Need To Become Gluten-Free Confident

  • This is a 3 week course, starting Monday, 21st September
  • All the course content will be delivered weekly through an exclusive website and APP, via printable pdf's, videos & checklists that you can easily do in your own time when it suits you
  • Make the most of the school holidays and extra time to go through the course at your own pace
  • Check out the fun challenge below just added! 

The Beginner's Course to Eating Gluten-Free


One off cost

Get Life-Time Access, Starting Monday, 21st September

Yes please, I'm in!

"Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease meant eliminating gluten & dairy. To say I found this challenging was an understatement!

But Wick's recipes & guidance opened my eyes to a whole new world of ingredients which made my journey so much easier. I can't recommend highly  enough!"

- Jacinda, Auckland

I'd love to welcome you to:

Where person (aka you) meets guide (aka moi) who shows you what it takes to become confident in the kitchen with gluten-free cooking. Plus, how to dine out so you don't feel like a total hassle!

We're kicking off on Monday, 21st September!

WEEK 1 - Where to Start

What is gluten, where is it found and where to start.

What to stock your pantry with, visuals of the different products and what to look for when you’re at the supermarket/different brands.

All the content will be delivered either via downloadable pdf's, videos or checklists.

WEEK 2 - Into the Kitchen

Week 2 is full of 50+ recipes, videos and downloads, covering all the different meals and how to avoid having to cook 2 or 3 meals per night.

We'll cover baking alternatives, the BEST homemade bread recipes, and snacking options so you know how to successfully swap out ingredients with gluten-free alternatives.

WEEK 3 - Dining Out

Discover how to make gluten-free more affordable so it becomes more achievable. 

Also, learn how to successfully dine out so you don’t feel like a hassle – at friends and restaurants. 

Plus how to prepare for a gluten-free holiday and planning tips so you don't get caught short.


I know support is key so at the end of the week 1 and 2, I'll host an online live Q and A to get all your questions answered.

These will be recorded if you can't make it live. 

Join our exclusive, members only Facebook group for extra support and inspiration for your journey. 

Know you're not alone on this path.

Super awesome BONUS to help you stay consistent!

"How do I stay consistent with this way of eating?" is a question I get asked ALL.THE.TIME. If consistency is what you struggle with too, accept my challenge and join me in week 2 and 3 of the course and commit to removing gluten fully out of your diet for the 2 weeks.

As your guide, we'll use the knowledge, tools & recipes already in the course to make it achievable and successful, and then you get to experience how great it is to feel when you don't have gluten in your diet.

Then because you know that feeling, you're more likely to stay consistent because you want to keep it up, and you'll have the tools on how to do it. 

All it takes is for you to say YES, I'M IN! 


Before starting the course, I was inclined to just cook what I knew to be o.k for me, but the course offered a whole range of new ideas and options that I can eat. I can now be a bit more creative with my cooking while staying gluten free and healthy which my family are delighted with.


Thanks Wick for an easy to follow and affordable course. I now have a much better understanding of the gluten free lifestyle and I would definitely recommend to my friends. I really appreciate the work you put into this 😊


The course was a great starting point, with thorough, practical and relatable information that considers the day to day running of many families. The recipes are great but learning how to adapt recipes and use ingredients was a real winner for me. 


My biggest breakthrough was actually realizing that gluten free eating is not the bland, tasteless and restrictive food choice. I'm implementing it into my recipe regime and my daughter hasn't had any issues taste wise ... and feeling good in her belly now for a about a month! Winning all round 😊


If you are gluten intolerant or cutting back on gluten, then this is definitely a worthwhile course to do. A great selection of recipes covering all meal types and snacks which are economical and easy to make. Online chats and FB group for sharing tips and recipes. I highly recommend this course to all as a beginners introduction to gluten-free cooking.


My biggest challenge before starting the GF course was eating out at friends houses or restaurants, I would generally not want to be a pain so would just east gluten and pay for it later ! After completing the course I now understand many more gf ingredients, especially the flours and have an array of recipes that can support my gluten-free journey ♥️


I have known for years I benefit from being either gluten-free or low gluten but haven't known where to start. This course has given me and my family the tools to make a positive commitment to becoming low gluten. The practical steps, ingredient lists, how to videos and fabulous recipes have made starting this journey manageable and enjoyable. The muesli has been life changing and I will make it forever. Wick is flexible and practical in her approach. No question is too tricky or too much of a problem. Definitely recommend. 


Thank you Wick. This course has taken all the guess work out of how to achieve healthier food options beneficial to my health. I don't have to go without now as I have the tools to help me care for my health and make the right foods for my body. Greatly appreciate you sharing your knowledge.


Wick is so down to earth, real and relatable and explains the basics perfectly. Her recipes are incredible and I feel the course is amazing for those starting out on what can be a daunting world of gluten-free, but also great tips and extra tools for others that are already gluten-free. I would highly recommend this course and always find Wick approachable and willing to give her time.


It doesn't need to be hard. You just need the know how.

Join the Beginner's Course to Eating Gluten-Free today and know you'll have all the tools, knowledge and confidence to move forward with ease. 

Disclaimer: This course content is purely based on my own personal experience and not from a medical background. You may choose to have a test first before eliminating gluten from your diet. 

Everything You Need To Become Gluten-Free Confident

  • You are joining a 3 week course, starting Monday, 21st September
  • All the course content will be delivered weekly through an exclusive website and APP, via printable pdf's, videos & checklists that you can easily do in your own time when it suits you
  • You may choose to wait until the school holidays (starting on Friday, the 25th Sept) to start consuming the information and take your time 

The Beginner's Course to Eating Gluten-Free


One off cost

Get Life-Time Access, Starting on Monday, 21st September

Yes please, I'm in!

14-Day Money Back Guarantee 

I'm here to help make your gluten-free journey easier. That’s why I invite you to fully participate in 14 days of the Beginners Course to Eating Gluten-Free from when you join. If you don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promise, I’ll happily refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

The deadline exists because if you sign up for the course, I want you to get started. No refunds available after 14 days.